GPF and the World Social Forum

The Global Progressive Forum sprang up from the success of the first World Social Forum (WSF) held in January 2001 in Brazil and participated to the World Social Fora of Porto Alegre, Mumbai, Nairobi and Belem. The GPF has also been actively involved in the European Social Fora of London, Athens and Malmö. The GPF is a member of the International Council of the WSF. Since the World Social Forum (WSF) was launched in 2001, Socialist MEPs have attended every event. However, it is only since the first official delegation of the S&D Group in 2004 that the number of Group members present has increased. The Global Progressive Forum (GPF) has been involved in the World Social Forum since the first edition and, in 2006, the GPF was elected as a member of the International Council (the decision-making arm of the World Social Forum).