Tax Justice Now! Regulate Global Finance Now!


In response to the current crisis, governments around the world have been stabilizing and protecting their economies and jobs with taxpayers’ money. Many citizens ask themselves: Who’s going to pay the bill for this? Are taxpayers the only ones to pay, or will financial markets and investment bankers be held accountable to pay parts of the burden? Taxing the financial sector would enhance fairness. Moreover, this will increase government revenue, which is badly needed to support the transition towards more inclusive, fairer and cleaner societies. While dumping purely speculative, socially useless activities, a financial transaction tax would promote the sustainable, long-term investments that are needed to green our economies. And last but not least, global financial transaction tax of 0.05% could yield revenue of about 1% of nominal world GDP per year. This would provide funding for long-term public investments, to finance global development and climate change. Only through such policies can solidarity at a global level be enhanced.