Algiers, with the Democrats for a progressive Maghreb

Wednesday, April 17, 2013 - 00:00

The president of the Group of Socialists & Democrats in the European Parliament, Hannes Swoboda, and the First Secretary General of the Socialist Forces Front (FFS) in Algeria, Ali Laskri, are to chair a conference and debate entitled “For a Progressive Maghreb,” at the Safir hotel in Algiers this Thursday 11 April at 3pm.


Two roundtable discussions will be held successively to address the themes of "social justice in employment and youth inclusion: developing a progressive vision of the Algerian economy" and "The European Union and regional integration of the Maghreb," attended by European, Algerian and local parliamentarians.


By holding this conference in Algiers, Hannes Swoboda wishes to assure the Arab people of the solidarity between European socialists and social democrats and all those fighting for a real Arab Spring.


"The European Social Democrats have followed the changes that have occurred in various Arab countries in recent years with great interest. In some cases, only a revolution was able to overthrow authoritarian regimes, sometimes with questionable consequences. We must give all of our moral and political support to the Algerian people and to all those who fight for more democracy, more freedom and more human dignity.


"The neglect of social issues by old regimes was clearly the basis for the acts of opposition and revolutions that ensued. This is a sign that all countries, both in Europe and in Africa, must consider.


"Our world is a multiethnic and multicultural kaleidoscope. We obviously need boundaries and rules regarding immigration, but we must fight against narrow-minded and petty nationalism.


 "Social democracy has always been an inclusive movement which has categorically condemned the conservative and neoliberal concept of rejection, whether this be ethnic or cultural."
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